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How Connect Enterprises Got 3,000 New Business Leads at Web Summit 2018

Connect's Team on May 30, 2019 5 min read

Note: this article was written by Daniel Kisluk, ALTA Digital's CEO.

Web Summit 2018 was a remarkable conference that counted with 2,500 global journalists, dozens of incredible startups, 250+ companies, and more than 70.000 attendees. In an event that focuses on numbers, business goals, and returns, Connect Enterprises was able to use a specific methodology to create an engrossing activation, leverage brand awareness, get thousands of leads, and allow attendees to get to know more about our technologies, services, and companies.

We managed to have a successful time at last year’s foremost tech event by showcasing a uniquely original brand activation: an AR activity which allowed attendees to engage, dance, and take advantage of a fun experience in a large tech conference. By reading this article, you will gain inside access to the strategy we’ve implemented to craft a successful brand awareness activation at Web Summit 2018.

The Methodology

We split our methodology rationale into three important segments. The first segment was all about asking specific questions that helped us define our expectations before we created the brand activation.

In the second, we analyzed what would be the main factors at play. Finally, we emphasized the crucial importance of the value we would create and give Web Summit 2018 attendees.

The Right Questions

The questions that helped us define our expectations and goals.

Objective - What do we want to achieve and why? We knew the input would be crucial to create the best possible initiative.

Business KPIs - What do we want to measure? Every goal must be analyzed taking performance indicators into account.

Audience - Who do we want to attract? Knowing the audience will help create the ultimate engagement.

The Brand Activation

In the second stage, we had to focus on multiple factors.

Value - The offer we would provide, knowing what would be beneficial to our audience.

Engagement - The audience interaction. A successful two-way engagement is key. 

Relevance - The relevance to our core business. It must be appropriate and related to our product and services.

Simplicity - The creation of an activity that’s simple to grasp. Something that could be easily understood.

Originality - The importance of coming up with an original concept. Authenticity will always inspire and attract.

High-Quality -  The communication of a “prestige” appeal. We would have to gain the audience’s admiration.

The Ultimate Value

The third and final stage was all about the end game and how we could create a strong value for the audience.

Physical - An enjoyable personal interaction which could empower a unique experience.

Material - A desired item of merchandise. Something which could encourage participation.

Informative - An interesting info or valuable data. We all want to learn something new.

Entertaining - An engaging experience. Excitement can promote engagement.

These are some of the factors we considered when it came to the actual value we would offer. By taking this particular methodology into account, we were able to devise a thorough strategy.

Since we asked the right questions from the get-go, we were able to understand that we wanted to focus on brand awareness, get leads, target medium-sized companies, and connect with the audience by making them be part of an engaging video activity.

Bearing that in mind, we created the now-famous AR Einstein activation, asking attendees to perform a dance with the AR character, and allowing people to relax and experience a fun moment with colleagues and friends. Participants were thus able to celebrate life in a fun way, get in touch with technology's fine-tuned wonders, and share the exciting experience on social media.

The Event

Since Web Summit is the year’s most anticipated tech event, we knew we had to lock a great spot. By collaborating with the Web Summit Team, we ensured we had the perfect location inside the main pavilion, in front of the main entrance. This means that almost every single attendee who entered through that specific entrance got to see our activation, engage with us, and learn more about the different technological brands that make up our business family.

Final Thoughts

At last year’s conference, Connect Enterprises came up with a highly creative solution which genuinely invited people to participate, connect, enjoy, and relax. This would not have been possible without the wonderful team of Connect Enterprises. In three months, our remarkably talented squad were able to develop the Augmented Reality Einstein and deliver a great experience to our target audience.

We hope this article allowed you to understand how to leverage your brand and your business goals to create something special that manages to attract leads and potential customers. We believe Web Summit is a great platform for all businesses, which means we’re sure we’ll see you in November.


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