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Top 4 Sustainable Ideas to Save Planet Earth

Connect's Team on October 14, 2019

The Planet Needs Green Ideas

Developed taking advanced tech into account at all times, there are already some incredibly powerful ideas that promise to help deal with the climate crisis.

But what are the very best ideas the world’s masters have been able to come up with?

What are the scientifically masterful products, solutions, and changes that can actually help us tackle a crisis that is already testing our civilization? By reading this post on sustainable practices, you’ll be able to get access to some of the most effective ideas that will help ensure our planet’s sustainability in the long haul.

Top 4 Sustainable Ideas for the Near Future

1. LifeStraw

What is one of the biggest problems that developing countries struggle with every single day? Access to clean water.

In fact, on the authority of recent data, there are 780 million people who fail to have access to an improved water source. In addition, close to 2.5 billion human beings lack access to improved sanitation, making sure life-threatening diseases will continue to wreak havoc in the developing world.

Is there a sustainable solution that can help address this gargantuan problem? Yes, indeed.

There’s LifeStraw. LifeStraw is actually a water filter which has been designed to be used by only one person.

It can filter up to 4.000 liters of water, which is enough for one single individual for three whole years.

This amazing innovation helps remove almost all parasites as well as all airborne bacteria.

How? The straw uses a fibre membrane which doesn’t need chemicals like iodine or chlorine.

How does it actually work? Upon sucking through the straw, the user forces the water through the narrow fibres, getting to trap protozoa and bacteria, as well as other contaminants. All of these shall be later flushed out by backwashing.

LifeStraw removes almost 100% of all waterborne bacteria as well as other health issues such as typhoid fever, dysentery, or hepatitis E.

Simple yet effective, this solution proves that it’s possible to tackle a bane that’s been affecting underdeveloped nations for far too long and it’s definitely a sustainable idea worth fighting for.

2. The Sustainable Tent

According to the UN, all over the world, an estimated 100 million human beings are homeless.

Is there a creative solution that can help these people live with dignity and which can also empower sustainable practices? Yes.

It’s a tent created by a Canadian architect called Abeer Seikaly. He’s created multipurpose tents that were designed taking the plight of refugees into consideration.

People who have somehow been driven away from their homes can now take advantage of these amazing tents that can collect rainwater, store solar energy, and which can also be folded up for easy transport.

The tent’s design was inspired by different elements found in nature such as snake skin.

This lightweight, flexible, dual layer, strong, mobile fabric and super-useful tent allows refugees to have a safe shelter and takes sustainable practices to a whole new level. Indeed, the multipurpose tents can close out the winter cold as well as collect rainwater at the top that actually filters down the sides.

Moreover, this spectacularly innovative tent can also become a showering facility since the water that’s stored in the pockets can be drawn upwards using a thermosiphoning system that can provide sanitation.

3. Data Gets Hot

What if technology could help create sustainable practices?

More than that: what if the digital transformation watershed and the Big Data bonanza could come together to generate heat? That’s exactly what’s happening in a Norwegian town where a data center is being built to provide heat to surrounding structures and buildings.

The data center of Lyseparken is the pilot center in the Spark Project - sponsored by an architecture firm - and it’s estimated to become a reality in the year 2021.

Typically, data centers tend to be huge infrastructures located in remote parts of the land since they occupy a whole lot of space. Now, though, there have been radical changes that can reshape our idea of what a data center can be.

In fact, there are new design techniques and methods which can effectively ensure that companies can create smaller data centers that can be built inside towns and cities. These data centers will be built closer to big cities and will eventually become a source of heat that can be effectively utilized.

4. A Water Efficiency Solution

Water scarcity promises to become an insurmountably important issue in the years to come. The climate crisis will bring about more severe droughts, less rainwater, and a dearth of freshwater that can impact the lives of billions of people.

But is there a shower that can effectively reduce the amount of energy and water wasted? Yes. It’s Hoterway!

Hoterway was created by Heaboo, a water efficiency solution for buildings that aims to reduce energy consumption by 50%.

The Hoterway shower can produce substantial savings on sanitary hot water systems, helping build a more sustainable world. No longer will you have to wait 5 minutes for the shower water to start getting warm: with Hoterway, water comes out ready for a blessed shower.

This system can help save energy and water as never before.

Since each minute of shower water wasted equates to 2.5 gallons of water, Hoterway can help every single person save 12.5 gallons of water. That’s over 47 liters of water per shower!

This is every single day, all over the world.

Water scarcity is no joke: it’s driven by growing freshwater usage and a clear depletion of usable freshwater resources. However, if we take advantage of solutions such as Heaboo’s Hoterway, we’ll help save water, create a more sustainable world, and will eventually be able to tackle the climate crisis.

Impactful Solutions

This article can’t possibly include all the amazing innovations that have already been created by scientific luminaries and which promise to help us all embrace sustainability. Using a creative vision and a wealth of financial resources, companies will be able to keep coming up with solutions that help improve energy efficiency, heat houses, and provide sustainable shelter as well as clean water.

The end game? To ensure every single human being gets a chance to live on a planet that’s got a bright future filled with hope, creativity, amazing ideas, and sustainable products.

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