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Fixbit is the Winner of Connect's ChangeBox!

Connect's Team on September 17, 2019

The ChangeBox

Connect’s ChangeBox is Connect Enterprises’ innovation framework. It was created by this tech-first company taking one major goal into account: we wanted to be able to help craft an idea which focused on sustainability.

The ChangeBox is basically a framework that lets the employees of Connect Enterprises showcase their creative ability, coming up with innovative ideas that can allow everyone to deal with our planet’s current Climate Crisis.

This specific project had 6 different phases. The first phase allowed us to evaluate all the different ideas that our employees wanted to explore. The second phase was about picking three teams that would receive a budget of €500 that could be used to pay for any expenses with research, product development, etc.

Challenge Accepted

July 1st, 2019. Pedro Malheiro, the CEO of Connect Enterprises, decided to schedule a very special Power Breakfast. Our rooftop was teeming with excitement since we would all be able to hear Pedro speak about a mysterious subject nobody knew anything about.

The subject? Planet Earth.

Pedro showed a video containing images and documentary footage, as well as specific facts and stats that shocked each and every member of this company. At the end of the presentation, we knew Climate Change was as real as it gets.

However, there was hope: the Climate Crisis could be avoided.

All we had to do? We needed to come together and create a solution.

Pedro challenged us. He told us he was kick-starting a project called Connect’s ChangeBox.

He spoke about how we could all make an impact and that - together - we could work on making sure we had an amazing idea we could share at Web Summit 2019.

That’s when it all started. The ball was rolling. That meeting energized employees and was the call to arms we all needed to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Climate Change became more real to everyone. Suddenly, every employee wanted to help make the world a better place. We were game.

Ideas Unchained

The company became remarkably focused. We were all ready to explore a wealth of different ideas that could help shape and change the world.

Teams gathered at lunch to discuss projects. Employees were diving into strategies, reading business plans, checking competitors’ products, analyzing data on environmentally-friendly practices, and canvassing through instruction manuals of the types of devices that had already been created.

There was a buzz all around and the concrete knowledge that - sooner or later - one of the employees’ teams would be able to come up with that one special idea.

After months of intense hard work, a lot of creative ideas were shared, discussed and explored at length.

There were two phases in which we were able to explore the 6 different levels of frameworks we had put into place, with the aim of allowing the employees of Connect Enterprises to showcase their research, share their vision, and get to work.

Hailing from every single company of this technological group, employees were fully engaged and ready to discuss ideas. In the end, the winning team got the much-coveted prize: €5.000, which is a concrete investment in the idea.

What is the next stage, you ask? The winning idea will now be crafted and developed, becoming ready to take part in a unique experience: Web Summit’s ALPHA Program!

The victorious team will have an extra budget of €5.000 that will be used to invest in the product they created.

Making Sustainability Matter

So what is the product? What’s the big fuss all about? Fixbit, a fitness system for your carbon footprint.

Fixbit helps you manage your carbon footprint just like you manage your fitness goals. 

How? By tracking your lifestyle and shopping choices just like you'd track your fitness activities or calories.

Fixbit allows you to:

  • Know your carbon footprint
  • Pick eco-friendly products
  • Track the carbon footprint of your actions
  • Reduce your overall carbon footprint

How? It's simple!  When you go shopping, all you have to do is scan the product's barcode, and you'll get to know its carbon footprint rating.

With Fixbit, you'll be able to choose the products that have the lowest possible carbon emissions.

If we start making simple shopping decisions based on the need to cut carbon emissions, we will all be able to speak in a loud collective voice, ensuring big corporations get the message and adapt to the changing times.

Fixbit - helping people help the planet.

Next Steps

Months of hard work, hours spent inside meeting rooms and the thrill that comes with knowing your ideas will be able to make a change.

Connect’s ChangeBox was all about allowing our employees to have a voice and showcase an idea they knew could actually mean something. That’s why this company is proud of Fixbit, the product of a dedicated vision, an innovative spirit, and a phenomenal device that could impact the choices of consumers all over the world.

Want to learn more about ChangeBox? Check the Official ChangeBox page!

Want to be part of the Fixbit tribe and change the world? Check out this amazing video and see how you can make a difference!

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