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How Digital Will Empower Our Planet's Sustainability

Connect's Team on July 30, 2019

Digital and Sustainability

The era of digital transformation is upon us, promising to bring about a set of radical changes that could help shape sustainability policies.

But how will digital help empower our planet’s struggle for survival? By reading this sustainability article, you’ll get to know how the digital revolution will empower sustainability efforts.

The Role of Digital Transformation

How can digital transformation help companies meet sustainability goals? Recent analyses have been able to find out.

In fact, according to the latest studies and stats, there are already a group of important digital initiatives that can offer the perfect opportunity to decarbonize the world’s businesses.

Here are some facts for you to be aware of:

  • When both energy storage integration and smart asset management and planning become universal, more than 8.8 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions could be saved by the year 2025. This mass transition would help create a value of $418 billion for the world’s economy
  • Electricity, logistics and the automotive industry stand to be the key sectors that will showcase the most potential to cut emissions. Indeed, recent research has suggested that these three major industries could avoid 26 billion metric tonnes of net carbon dioxide
  • Right now, there are 27 major companies which already use 100% renewable energy in their day-to-day. The list includes Motorola, SAP, and Apple

The Power of Green IT

Even though Green IT started off by being solely focused on both the tech product lifecycle and IT operations, the paradigm has changed. Today, companies know that, in order to contribute to sustainability efforts, they must take their environmental impact into account at all times.

At the early stages of logistical planning, all companies should be able to understand what their carbon footprint is going to be, coming up with creative and innovative ways to ensure they minimize it as much as possible.

Are there any numbers that should make business leaders think about becoming environmentally friendly? Yes, indeed.

In fact, on the authority of recent data, information and communications tech devices like IT-enabled buildings and smart grids showcase the potential to get a 20% reduction in worldwide carbon emissions by the year 2030. Moreover, getting a company to put environmentally conscious practices into place can guarantee $11 trillion in brand-new economic benefits.

Key Sustainability Efforts

1. Saving a Vital Natural Resource

Water stands to be one of the key issues when it comes to sustainability.

How are companies already preventing water waste? For example, Costco has decided to partner with Apana - a tech and analytics company - and they’ve both started to craft specific software that gets to analyze Costco’s water usage, working to reduce utility bills as well as devise new strategies to ensure optimal water management.

Since the Climate Crisis will mean water becomes a scant resource in only a few years, coming up with highly-advanced intelligent systems can help reduce water consumption all around.

2. Exponential Tech

Exponential tech is all about those specific technologies that get to deliver a tremendous boost to the world’s development. Think about the radio, TV, or the Internet. Any of those could be regarded as an exponential tech.

As you read this, there are already a plethora of different companies dedicated to coming up with the next big idea that can help us curb Global Warming. For example, Singular University has now been able to design specific processes that can take hold of the power of exponential tech and help improve an array of conditions around the world, all in the name of optimal sustainability efforts.

3. Green Procurement

What’s this all about? Green Procurement is actually the purchasing of products or services which cause a minimal impact upon our environment.

It’s all about products which can be totally recyclable or that which is effectively designed to reduce both water and energy consumption. It can be a simple flush reducer, a LED bulb, etc.

Since the world’s eager customers are becoming more environmentally conscious with each passing second, companies don’t really have a choice: they must be able to become as trustworthy as possible, delivering products which won’t harm the planet.

What should a business start by doing? Create a strategic sustainability plan that’s both well-crafted and long-term.

The main idea? To play a crucial role and reduce the environmental impact of the business.

The added bonus? Getting Green Procurement to become a reality will also help you improve efficiency and save precious resources, therefore increasing potential revenue down the road.

Next Steps

What should you do after reading about key measures that are already being put into place to fight Climate Change and create a more sustainable future?

You should continue to dive into similar content, get inspired, become part of the global effort to prevent a full-blown Climate Crisis, create greener companies, and make a mark that helps shape and change planet Earth.

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