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Top 4 Digital Marketing Myths to Destroy

Connect's Team on November 19, 2019


Everyone knows that digital marketing is the name of the game in the 21st century.

Businesses have been investing in social media marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, content marketing, and a wealth of other impactful tricks that can leverage growth like nothing else. However, there are still a lot of digital marketing myths that you must know about.

By reading this expanded digital marketing article, you’ll get the top 4 digital marketing myths you need to destroy as soon as possible.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Myths

1. Content Marketing is Optional

This is one of those persistent myths that never cease to amaze content marketing pros all over the world.

But let's ask the question: is content marketing dead already? Now that's a resounding no.

Ready to get to know the content marketing stats you need to check and supercharge a foolproof content marketing strategy?

Check these content marketing statistics:

  • 60% of B2C marketers are fully committed to content marketing
  • 64% of marketers want to learn how to craft a better content marketing strategy
  • 72% of marketers state content marketing efforts increase engagement
  • Optimizing content taking SEO into account is key since 95% of Google users only check the first page of the SERPs
  • Great, long-form content containing more than a thousand words actually receives a lot more shares as well as links when compared to short content
  • Visual content rocks: 84% of marketers who bet on infographics find them super effective
  • Video content marketing is everything (by 2021, it will represent 82% of all online traffic)
  • 79% of B2B product buyers share white papers with industry colleagues
  • Content marketing with email is a winning strategy since 95% of professionals still use their loyal email account

That's it. Content marketing allows you to inform your target audience, keep them updated on the latest products and news via email, create content in a video format to boost engagement levels, and is definitely not going away anytime soon.

Not currently investing in content marketing? That's a sure way to guarantee your business is ready to leave the online chat.

2. You Only Need a Social Media Profile

Now here's another myth that never goes away: there may be a plethora of different social media channels, but one is enough for you to explore. Wrong.

Each social media network can help you reach a specific part of your preferred target audience.

What does that mean? That you must be able to be part of different social media platforms, engage with your followers, take customer support to a whole new level, and reap the rewards of customer loyalty.

Let's say a consumer enters Twitter and your brand doesn't happen to be there: you're losing an incredible opportunity to answer customer feedback in time, provide great content, add value, and earn that specific customer's respect and admiration. The bigger the number of social media accounts you’ve got, the better.

Here are the crucial steps you need to follow to rule social media marketing:

  • Identify all your social media marketing goals from the start
  • Understand who the target audience are
  • Employ a highly-qualified Community & Social Media Manager
  • Deliver great content that both educates and engages with the audience on a regular basis
  • Establish a connection with niche-specific influencers
  • Grow your audience with Facebook Advertising (take advantage of the unique targeting options available)
  • Engage, engage, and engage some more

3. SEO is Irrelevant

SEO has been demonized since it became a staple of digital marketing power. Search Engine Optimization is a set of guidelines that can allow you to ensure your pages, content, and strategy are fully optimized to guarantee a better position in the capricious Google rankings.

The better your place in the big leagues, the more clicks, leads and, ultimately, new clients you’ll be able to get.

Here are some SEO facts that are bound to make you understand all about the crucial importance of SEO:

  • Both link building and high-quality content are the most fundamental signals that Google uses to rank your web page for search
  • 82% of companies state that the effectiveness of SEO is rising
  • 61% of all marketers state that growing their organic presence and improving SEO are their two top priorities for next year
  • Nowadays, Google accounts for more than 79% of all desktop search traffic. Bing comes next at 7.27%, Baidu at 6.55%, and lastly Yahoo with 5.06%
  • Mobile SEO is remarkably important since more Google search queries happen on mobile than on desktop in 10 countries - which includes Japan and the U.S

Not considering SEO a priority in this online age? That's a digital marketing mistake if there ever was one!

4. Remarketing is Dead

What is remarketing? Also known as behavioral retargeting, remarketing is a type of online targeted advertising that's actually targeted to consumers based on previous online actions and behavior.

Why is this myth alive? Because a lot of people consider this marketing method to be cringeworthy.

They believe retargeting poses a threat to humankind, and even state that it constitutes a sort of foul play. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you always take best practices into account, remarketing your ads can allow you to boost brand awareness, find a brand-new audience, engage with your current target customers, and grow your business.

Here are the remarketing facts you need to know:

  • Website users who happen to see a remarketing advertisement are more likely to convert (by a cool 70%!)
  • The actual Click-Through Rate of a retargeted advertisement is 10 times higher than that of a normal display ad
  • Retargeted search ads may be more expensive than display ads, but they also yield a higher Conversion Rate
  • 91% of marketers who use retargeting state that it performs better than display ads, email marketing, and even search marketing
  • 68% of multinational marketing agencies have a specific part of their budget which is completely devoted to remarketing ads

Is this a myth or the type of digital marketing strategy that can ensure businesses grow faster than ever? I'll let you figure that one out for yourself!

Digital Becomes Real

SEO, retargeting, content marketing, and social media marketing aren’t a dead end: they’re effective strategies that any intelligent marketing master must take into full-blown account in case they want to succeed.

Growing businesses every single day, these 4 busted myths might just be the powerful boost you need to reap the rewards of increased engagement, amazing lead generation, and impactful revenue growth.

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