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How to Use AR to Supercharge Your Business

Connect's Team on August 29, 2019

AR and Corporations

Augmented Reality stands to be one of the core technologies that’s bound to change the world in the near future.

But how will business leaders become able to use this advanced tech to their advantage, reaping major rewards in the process? By reading this Augmented Reality article, you’ll get to know how to use this tech to supercharge your business strategy like never before.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is actually an experience of a real-world ambiance or environment in which those specific objects that are part of the real world become enhanced by concrete perceptual info. This remarkable process occurs across a wide array of sensory modalities, such as olfactory, somatosensory, visual, haptic, or auditory.

As of today, there are already many different applications of Augmented Reality.

Check this list to get to know some of the current AR applications:

  • AR Headsets
  • Military AR
  • Medical AR
  • Sightseeing AR
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Gaming
  • Promos & Ads

Are there any stats about the future of AR? Yes, indeed.

According to the latest statistics, the VR/AR market is expected to expand to a staggering $150 billion by the year 2020. In about a year, there will be over 1 billion AR users on planet Earth. Last but not least, 70% of consumers believe AR tech can improve their lives.

Now that you know what is Augmented Reality and what are the most important applications of AR tech, it’s time for you to see how AR can be used to help businesses reach new heights.

How Businesses Can Use AR

1. Industrial Services

Industries are sure to benefit from the AR boom. There are already corporations which develop Augmented Reality solutions that aim to increase cross-sectional collaboration, streamlining field repair services by actually becoming able to deploy a mobile app as well as AR smart glasses.

Let’s think about a practical example. For instance, these types of AR solutions will allow field engineers to get to access real-time help from either vendors or experts located in different parts of the world - the help will be provided remotely.

What can the remote experts do with AR? They can effectively superimpose diagrams, messages, and markings onto the specific engineer’s field of vision, later using smart glasses to guarantee that these professionals can get to perform the necessary fixes.

What will using AR for industrial services bring about?

It will help:

  • Improve overall safety
  • Take the pressure off employees
  • Reduce the levels of confusion and miscommunication
  • Empower a truly mobile workforce

2. Education & Training

Can students get to learn using a 3D holographic program that can efficiently allow for a smart glasses wearer to thoroughly examine the human body? Yes!

This ability to use AR to get access to a pretty thorough rendition of the human body can change the way medicine is taught at universities all over the world, for example. In fact, it can help students avoid wasting time in the age-old cadaveric lab, allowing them to master new skills through a multi-sensory, immersive, full-blown educational experience that is much more effective than any of the traditional learning methods still used today.

3. Retail

How is the shopping experience going to be shaped by the boon of AR? Soon, smartphones and tablets will be able to craft a whole new shopping ambiance for consumers.

Indeed, companies will be able to take advantage of AR and create a 360º shopping experience that allows customers to try out different sizes of apparel, for instance.

Retailers that are E-Commerce-oriented can now use AR tech to create an experience that replicates the motions of buying a product at a brick and mortar store.

Are there some AR retail stats you should become aware of?

Here they are:

  • 71% of customers would return more often to a store if it provided an AR integration
  • 61% of consumers increasingly prefer stores that offer AR tech experiences
  • 40% of clients would effectively pay extra if their shopping spree included an AR experience

Giving clients the chance to try an item more realistically than ever before will revolutionize the purchasing process and might usher in a new age in retail.

AR is a Revolution

AR is going to remove guesswork, allowing customers to make intelligent decisions without needing to rely on their imagination. Moreover, AR allows companies to know that customers will get to see how something will look in real-life, making sure to revolutionize every single future purchase.

With the ability to get interactivity thrown into the mix, AR will definitely become a vital aspect that all major companies will have to bear in mind if they want to reap the rewards of a fine-tuned business strategy.

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