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Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch Out For

Connect's Team on June 25, 2019 3 min read

AI is Here

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change entire business structures, help companies optimize a wealth of different processes and shape the future tech landscape.

But what are the top 3 AI trends that you should be focused on in order to ensure you come up with a perfect Artificial Intelligence implementation strategy? By reading this AI article, you’ll be able to find out!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the wondrous world of computer science, machine intelligence or Artificial Intelligence refers to intelligence that’s displayed by machines, as opposed to that showcased by humans. This area of scientific knowledge actually focuses on creating intelligent machines that can effectively react and work as if they were human beings.

Here are some of the specific activities that AI engineers are focusing on when it comes to the development of a keen Artificial Intelligence:

The research being undertaken regarding AI is remarkably technical and highly-specialized. The main problems with Artificial Intelligence have to do with the inclusion of particular characteristics such as learning, knowledge, problem-solving, perception, or the ability to manipulate and move certain objects.

The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is to actually craft expert systems which can showcase intelligent behavior, explain, demonstrate, learn and offer advice to users.

Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Trends

1. IoT and AI will Converge

At the moment, it seems that industrial IoT is the best use case for AI that can actually create outlier detection, predictive equipment maintenance, and root cause analysis.

The current trend? For highly-advanced machine learning models to be based on hyper-deep neural networks that shall be optimized to run at the edge of IoT and AI.

This means that they will be able to master time-series data, video frames, unstructured data, and speech synthesis. In fact, the Internet of Things seems to be the biggest driver of AI, and edge devices will definitely be equipped with AI chips which are based on ASICs and FPGAs.

2. The Rise of Automated Machine Learning

Automated machine learning is going to be a massive game changer in the near future. It will allow both developers and business analysts to craft super-evolved machine learning models which can effectively respond to complicated scenarios.

Instead of getting lost in the vortex of the workflow and process, analytical masters will be able to deal with an automated machine learning platform that makes it all easier. This type of tech watershed allows for the perfect level of customization without needing to make the developers go through the hassle of an elaborate workflow.

Whereas cognitive APIs showcase flexibility, automated machine learning will fuse flexibility with both portability and custom data.

3. Facial Recognition

Remarkably popular and necessary, facial recognition is ready to go through an AI-powered boost. Facial recognition actually uses AI to help identify a human being using their facial features and image patterns.

From smartphones to social media platforms, everyone is ready to ditch the old password and become inspired by AI-maintained facial recognition.

Since it promises to bring about a simple deployment and a non-invasive identification, facial recognition will probably remain unaffected by tech-oriented criticism. Moreover, predictive law enforcement (the kind you can perceive watching Spielberg’s “Minority Report”) and payment processing will also have a facial recognition feature that will shift the paradigm like never before. In addition, facial recognition tech can also change the landscape of healthcare, by boosting the effectiveness of both medical diagnostic procedures and clinical trials.

AI: The Beginning of a Civilizational Watershed

With the ability to help humans reach new scientific heights and the power to make life easier by automating intelligent processes at ease, Artificial Intelligence promises to continue to be the talk of the town.

In the future, facial recognition, IoT, and automated machine learning will be only a few of the technological earthquakes set to hit planet Earth thanks to the boon of AI.

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